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Welcome to & an site photo gallery. Thank you for your visit and try to visit us often as new pictures are posted almost every week. Remember, our first pages contain old pictures and last pages contain new pictures, so if you wanted to see the latest pictures then jump to the last pages. But recently we have added some newer pictures to our first pages, so please browse the first few pages first. Remember to click on the banners and take some of those offers for us, that way you will really help Page of the month is 36.
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If you want your picture to be posted here - then please send it to Remember the format should be jpg, bmp, or gif. If you are not an Afghan then, please add non-afghan in the subject line of your email so we can add it to the none afghan section of our site. Your picture will not be posted if you don't provide us with your name and country. Also we do not accept any other email provided by you, we use the email address by which you send your picture.

 Warning: Do not send others pictures without their permission. Your IP will be kept and legal action will be taken against people who send others picture without their knowlege! In the search box just type the name of the person and view his/her picture, for example: type Yama and click search button. Use the numbers on the right side to get to your desired picture page. Once again thanks for your visit and please visit our Poster Store as well.

I followed my own path of love, and now I am in bad repute
How can a secret remain veiled, if from every tongue it drips?
Hafiz S.)

  • Last updated: Apr. 2, 2008 and will be updated every month. If you have sent your picture then you can find it from pages 1-305. Or just click on the link for the new pics index. If you do not see your picture among those pages then please visit us often as the pages get updated regularly. Please shop through our site to support us so we can server you better. We hope you will start shopping right now. Thank you and God bless you all.  Thank you.

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